FFL Mailbag: Sept. 1

Rob Livingston, Seattle: My league held our draft recently and I took Domanick Davis in the sixth round, feeling he was worthy of such a gamble. Wali Lundy went undrafted and our waivers start shortly, so he will likely be picked up. I had a pretty good draft and don't have anyone I'm willing to drop for Lundy, other than Davis. Should I swap the two or hang tight with Davis and let someone else grab Lundy? Some other RBs that went undrafted in my league were Thomas Jones, Chris Brown, Travis Henry, and Mike Anderson.

Engel: There certainly has been talk that Davis' knee problems could lead to him spending the season on injured reserve, and it appears he could be a wasted fantasy draft choice. It's not easy to cut a sixth-rounder, but the draft is over and you simply must move forward and do what is best for your team. Lundy is in line to start over Vernand Morency, and would be the perfect plug-in for Davis, who you would simply stash on your bench and possibly waste a spot waiting on a return that might not come. If your waiver order doesn't put you in line to nab Lundy, I certainly would add a RB who looks like he should play much more this year. I'd add Jones, Brown, then Anderson and Henry, in that order. If Cedric Benson continues to battle shoulder problems, Jones could be a quality addition. Brown does own the top the Titans' depth chart for now, but there have been unconfirmed rumors he might lose his starting job to Henry, so you could add Brown for now while continuing to monitor the situation.

Matt Wyckoff, New York, N.Y.:: I am in a 12-team keeper league, where there were 12 RBs kept. I kept LaMont Jordan for a second-rounder and Chris Chambers for a ninth-rounder. I have the first pick in the draft, and the two best available players are Chad Johnson and Brian Westbrook. Who would you take, knowing that I will not be able to pick again until the third round?