FFL: Question of the Week

Each week leading up to and throughout the season, we'll ask our Fantasy Games experts about a hot topic in fantasy football.

This week's question: Which quarterback, outside of your personal top 15, would you label as a sleeper?

Eric Karabell: Oh what a difference a few years make when it comes to Philip Rivers. Have people totally forgotten about how good this guy was going to be? Sure, Eli Manning got all the press and the starts the first two seasons, but Rivers was his equal coming out of college, and really, would have been the first pick if not for the draft-day trade. Rivers has skills, and now that Drew Brees is somewhere else, Rivers gets the chance. He has a strong arm, solid weapons and had plenty of time to develop. While I wouldn't make Rivers a fantasy starter, he does make my top 20, meaning there's backup consideration. I don't put much stock into preseason stats, but Rivers has looked terrific so far, showing a maturity few figured he'd get grasp right away. Sure, not all quarterbacks taken in the top five turn out good, with Ryan Leaf the poster child, but we shouldn't assume Rivers will fail like the 49ers' Alex Smith did last season. I think he's going to surprise.