FFL: Question of the Week

Each week leading up to and throughout the season, we'll ask our Fantasy Games experts about a hot topic in fantasy football.

This week's question: Who is a running back, in your top 20, you fear could be a major bust this season and why?

Eric Karabell: I've had the No. 6 pick in a draft already, and I passed on Edgerrin James. Now some might think that's odd, since I originally ranked Edge in that exact spot, but I'm starting to think James has no idea what he's in for in Arizona, nor do his fantasy owners. The Cardinals do not have the offensive line to support the style James is accustomed to. They don't have the line to support much at all! And this team will be throwing a lot to keep up with the shootouts its defense gets into. Kurt Warner will again be running for his life and dealing with injuries, and James is likely to see his yards per carry drop quite a bit. Don't get me wrong, James remains a top talent, but that might not be enough. If he drops a few hundred yards to the 1,200 yard range and scores "only" six or seven times, then he'd be a bust if you draft him in the top six. James is my No. 8 running back, and might soon leave my top 10.