FFL: The Reggie debate

Don't let Saints rookie Reggie Bush fool you; he's not worthy of the No. 1 overall pick in 2006 fantasy football drafts, no matter what he tells you in the commercials.

There's a significant debate brewing surrounding Bush, easily the most hyped rookie in several years. Is Bush already overhyped? Will his potential holdout affect his overall fantasy value? When is the right time to draft this exciting rookie prospect?

Bush cracked the top 20 overall in both my and colleague Scott Engel's rankings, lofty status for a player who has yet to make his NFL debut. (I had him 17th, Scott 19th.) Generally speaking, most people seem to rank him, at worst, among the top 25 picks overall, meaning he'll be off the board by no later than early-to-middle third round. Maybe that seems early for a completely untested player, but Bush's talent does back up the notion.