Hec & Vic Debate Week 2

Each week, the sometimes terrific Hector and the rarely tolerant Victor, who have been together longer than the Rolling Stones, join us to answer some key fantasy football questions. We get what we can from them, because while they seem to genuinely dislike each other at times, there is mutual respect. And if they aren't battling each other to the point where one of them storms off, Victor usually has to leave to grab some White Castle burgers at some point. So let's get started. And don't forget to check out their game-by-game previews and full projections!

Question: So we're back for another year. What are the biggest storylines going to be this season?

Hector: Let's see, it's usually Victor's belly. I heard that every time he comes to Bristol, they have to close down the ESPN Cafeteria after he eats breakfast there, because they have to order more food while trying to get rid of the smell he leaves behind. Anyhow, other than Victor losing to me in our league Super Bowl yet again, the biggest story in fantasy football will be the struggles of Larry Johnson and Shaun Alexander. Johnson's supporting cast is dropping faster than Victor on a dance floor. And the Seahawks are going to miss Steve Hutchinson more than they think. Alexander is going to have to fight hard for his yards all year long, like Victor fights his family for the last Twinkie left in the box.