Carroll Injury Report: Portis may be ready for Week 1

Injuries are like the weather; everyone talks about them but no one seems to do anything about it. That's where I come in. Like the weather, injuries follow patterns and move in ways that we can both predict and forecast. We're no longer without the data and research necessary to say more than a broad range ("He's out six to eight weeks.") Every fantasy player, every fan of a team, everyone that follows the game understands that injuries can make or break the season. If you follow the metaphor, I'm your weatherman. You might know my work from Baseball Prospectus, where my "Under The Knife" column is read by thousands of readers and all 30 front offices. I brought the same approach to injury analysis to Pro Football Prospectus in 2005 and 2006, making some NFL head coaches call me "their worst nightmare." I'm not a doctor and I don't play one on TV; I'm a reporter and analyst, focused on using contacts, databases, and information to help the fantasy player avoid the injuries that can ruin a season. Let's get to it:

The biggest injury on the football radar right now is the shoulder of Clinton Portis. Portis had a subluxation of his right shoulder, commonly called a 'partial dislocation.' The humeral head sits in the shallow cup of the glenoid fossa. When the head comes all the way out of the cup and has to be put back in place, that's a dislocation. A subluxation comes up to the rim, but not quite out. There's still trauma, usually a stretching of the ligaments and tendons in the shoulder capsule that are not designed for such motion.