Carroll: Injury outlook for Alexander, Owens

Forgive me if I'm a bit bleary-eyed. Storms around the D.C. area made for one bumpy flight and a long night of travel with "Fantasy Show" pals Danni Boatwright and Matthew Berry. Look, if you're going to get stuck traveling, getting stuck with a millionaire supermodel is the best way to do it (and Matthew has his good qualities, too), but it doesn't make for an easy day. Looking around the league this week, there's more and more interesting situations, players who are limited but could play, putting you in danger of the "playing zero" or those who are listed as probable and might end up out as game-time decisions, the dreaded "starting zero." The crystal ball is still cloudy, but good information helps clear the fog some, so as my stage manager Cara often says, stand by!

Let's get to it:

There's no "good break," but in a worst-case scenario, breaking the fourth metatarsal is a best-case result. It's a weight-bearing bone, but doesn't take the lateral stress or contribute to the burst that Shaun Alexander blows by defenders with. It's painful and he's unlikely to play this week, despite Alexander's spiritual quick fix, but it's not that bad in the long term. The CT scan that found the fracture actually found the "march fracture" to be healing. The body is stitching the bone back together, something that takes three to five weeks to fully fuse, according to Dr. Philip Kwong of Kerlan-Jobe, one of the top foot docs in the world. Dr. Kwong expects that Alexander would use a bone stimulator to speed the healing of this simple break, meaning that with the bye week coming up, Alexander could miss only this week's game.