Carroll: Favre, Westbrook injuries analyzed

With so much going on this week -- great football matchups, the start of the baseball playoffs, and "The Fantasy Show" -- I was looking forward to what looked like a light week. I'd love to have one week where no one was injured, where the conduct of the game didn't lead to broken bones and torn ligaments. The crux of my work is that the sport is made better by keeping the best talent available. Too many games are lost to injury, something that is often preventable or at least reducible. The "Monday Night Football" slugfest changed all that, populating my report today with more than enough injuries to keep things hopping.

So, let's get to it:

If I understood Joe and Tony last night on "MNF," Packers quarterback Brett Favre has some sort of consecutive game streak going. Of course, I might also think that Brett Favre saved the game, defeated the Germans, and blew back a hurricane with his powerful right arm if I didn't use the TiVo to rewind to make sure I heard them right. Favre is human and actually showed it when he left Monday's game with a stinger. Michelle Tafoya did a great job of explaining that while the Packers were calling it a head injury, Favre was pointing to his shoulder. Both were right; Favre had a "stretch" stinger. As I detailed last week with Corey Dillon, a stinger occurs when the nerve bundle that comes through the shoulder and arm is either stretched or compressed. When Favre was hit in the head, it moved far enough to stretch the nerves. It's not considered serious and, like Dillon, Favre is fully expected to be back on the field next week.