Carroll: Fitzgerald, Culpepper, Shockey

I want to introduce a new term today. Sure, you've already had to figure out terms like "cascade," "medhead," and "hyperdorsiflexion" so far this season, but this one's going to be useful. We all know that fantasy football is different from real football. "On a fantasy basis" is going to be my new term for dealing with the differing effect of injuries for real and for fantasy. Let's say that you have Shaun Alexander as your running back and that, as your top pick, you're eager to get him back. He's scheduled to play in Week 7, but we're still a bit unsure how that foot will hold up. He's likely to be a bit slower, split the carries to even the load, and to carry a higher risk of setback. So while he's playing, you're going to hear me say that on a fantasy basis, he won't be back until Week 8. (By the way, Alexander is definitely out for this week, despite all of the prayers his fantasy owners sent to Seattle.) Think of the difference as fantasy production, which is sometimes difficult to judge. Todd Heap has played a couple weeks where he was definitely limited, but his size makes him a good red zone target and in a year of terrible TE production, getting that TD from him can be make or break for fantasy teams. Knowing the difference could be the difference for your team.

Let's look at the latest injury news: