Carroll: Addai, Vick injuries

Monday Night Football came to town and let me tell you, it's a show. I got to hang out with my pal Erik Kuselias and his awesome producer Amanda Brown while they did the radio Countdown and Indianapolis did it up right. The town knows how to put on a sporting event and with the help of more than a few Cincinnati fans, the tailgate lots were full and the cheering was loud. The "Who Dey" drowned out Colts cheers in large part because Indy doesn't have a signature cheer, so someone should get to work on that. It was also huge for me because my three fantasy leagues hinged on the play of the game. Marvin Harrison's big night got me past Howie Schwab in The Fantasy Show's league while the missed pass to Ricky Proehl would have put Peyton Manning over the 300-yard mark and me into my local league's championship game. Two out of three championship games isn't bad and I hope you had success as well. Let's get to the injuries:

Michael Vick left Saturday's game with what sources indicate was a mild groin strain. Many looked askance at Vick pulling himself at the end of the loss, but Vick knows as well as anyone that he's the key to the team. Losing Warrick Dunn or Jerious Norwood is bad, but without Vick, the team is playing golf in January. Vick is receiving treatment and figures to start on Sunday. What worries me is that the groin might limit his mobility. If the Falcons have to game plan for a pocket-limited Vick, facing a team that features Julius Peppers isn't ideal. The Falcons were impressed by Dunn's gutsy play despite a leg injury and less impressed by Norwood's inability to answer the bell. Justin Griffith showed that he can handle the workload and is a good option if Norwood is unable to go on Sunday in their must-win game.

Tony Dungy said after the MNF game that Joseph Addai had a high ankle sprain, but the shots of him on the sideline clearly showed the ice packed around his lower ankle and foot. The difference is huge as a high ankle sprain might keep Addai out and make getting the bye a big deal, while a classic ankle sprain would be more manageable. Addai has definitely looked like he's not getting push the past few weeks, making him very comparable to Dominic Rhodes. The depth at this position is big and with the Colts taking on Houston next week, Rhodes could be a nice pickup. Marvin Harrison injured his fingers on a third quarter throw and was ineffective for the rest of the night. The Manning pass jammed his fingers and began cramping, which is why Harrison was shown flexing his wrist. The fingers did not dislocate but were definitely sore and swollen following the game. Harrison isn't likely to miss any time with this. Remember that he finished last season with his hand in a cast. He might not get quite as many targets in next week's game however.