Carroll: Leinart, Addai, Delhomme

What did I receive over the holiday weekend? Some Xbox games. Wayne Newton tickets. Gift certificates. Two fantasy league championships. Most importantly, I received the gift that comes from giving to others who need it more than I do. I also received a load of injuries, just like every week from my friends in the NFL. I hope everyone got what they wanted and gave what they needed. Let's get to the injuries:

Matt Leinart went down and he went down hard. The injury he suffered, a sprained acromioclavicular joint (or AC joint, as the cool kids call it), is one of the most common injuries. Almost always a traumatic injury, as it certainly was in this case, it's also one of the easiest to come back from, even if surgery is necessary. It's not clear which way the rehab process will go, though avoiding surgery is always Plan A. Leinart shouldn't have any long term consequences from the injury and remains a solid keeper pick. Here's an interesting fact from an NFL study on shoulder injuries in QBs -- the most common injury to QBs over the past 20 seasons? Head injuries.

On Friday, I said that Joseph Addai had no reason to play. I was speaking medically; with a win, Addai would have three weeks to recover, the smarter thing from a pure rehab standpoint. I failed to note that he'd be trying to break the 1,000-yard mark in his hometown, powerful factors that had him nearly living in the training room and making himself available. He ran well despite a bulky brace that he seemed distinctly uncomfortable, playing his first game in front of his mother. Given his performance, Addai is likely to get the bulk of carries next week as well. The ankle/foot injury doesn't appear to be much more than an instability that can be corrected through taping or bracing. That's a very good sign for the longer term.