Carroll: Addai, Brady, Clark, etc.

The joy of this job is helping people. Over the past few days, I've received nearly 100 e-mails from people telling me that this column -- and the columns from the rest of the ESPN Fantasy team -- has helped them win championships or at least win more than they had in the past. I play in four leagues and won championships in two. I finished third in another and in an ESPN public league, I finished fifth. That says something about the quality of competition we have around here. One of my favorite emails is from John Lee, who said: "Thanks for your recommendation of starting Ron Dayne and KC defense this past week. Not only did I walk away with a cool $1,000, I got to trash talk a guy who might be the biggest (insert insult here) of all-time. I think comparing his effort to Clay Aiken's latest CD might have been more rewarding than the money."

Of course, not everyone likes me. I got several emails blaming me for the back and forth on Joseph Addai, but let's face it -- things change and as I get new info, I update it. If you didn't listen to Sunday's Med Check or at least read the columns available that contradicted my Friday report, you can only blame me a little. I'm done with fantasy football for this season and honestly, I'm a bit sad. I love the challenge, the camaraderie, and especially the smack talk. For all of you that have joined me for this season's journey, thanks and I hope we can do it again. I'll be sticking around for the post-season with a once-a-week column and a chat for those of you that play in those weird leagues that go into the playoffs. (Yeah Bill Simmons, I'm looking at you.) So for the last time during the regular season, let's get to the injuries:

News that Michael Strahan might need surgery to repair his foot dumbfounded me. He played significant snaps on Sunday, which would normally indicate that he was doing well and that the coaching staff felt he was not doing any damage to the foot. One has to wonder just how this happened -- was Strahan pushing himself and keeping the medical staff in the dark as some out of New York have been whispering, or was Strahan allowed to push himself too far, leaving a mess for whoever is coaching the Giants next season? Midfoot ligament injuries aren't common and talents like Strahan aren't common either, making this one tough for me to get a read on. The effects of the injury should help hasten the decline of Strahan, so those of you who are due to make keeper decisions on him should know the risks. Then again, IDP leagues are a tough nut to figure on keeper decisions anyway; my advice is stick to known and improving quantities.