Carroll: Steve Smith's stock dropping

So have you panicked yet? We all have moments of weakness where we go off plan and think we see holes in our teams. Have you made the "Green Error," thinking that the grass is always greener under another running back's cleats? Have you fallen for the "Week One Wishcasting," multiplying some unknown wide receiver's performance by 16 and ignoring all the research you did heading into the draft? Have you had "Clicker's Envy," missing out on a waiver claim and just knowing that this was the guy who would have won you the league? There are an infinite number of errors, but at least you won't get blindsided by the worst possible way to lose your fantasy league -- not understanding the effects of injuries. You'll have to find another excuse for losing this year with the Carroll Injury Report available.

Let's get to it:

• My question is not whether Trent Green will return, it's if he should. Green was unconscious for eight minutes after the hit with some reports that he was having trouble breathing early in the "nap." Assuming that Green has no setbacks and returns later this month, the concern then becomes taking another hit and suffering another concussion. There have been studies that show NFL players almost by definition recover more quickly from head trauma. In fact, it may be one of the skills they have that allows them to play at this level. In the study I did for Pro Football Prospectus 2006, concussions are by far the most under-reported injuries in football. Green can return -- he's not showing amnesia or any balance/motion effects after the injury. However, at 36, behind a porous line and with a family at home, it could be a tough decision for the Greens.