Carroll: Portis, Owens and Roethlisberger's return

I'm going to let you in on a little secret -- I'm not always right. That's a bold admission for a guy here, writing on ESPN, but it's true. I work in an odd area, trying hard to translate the available information into a usable format for football fans and fantasy players. The NFL does a phenomenal job of controlling information, especially injury information. When I'm wrong, I'll admit I'm wrong, but know that it's because the information simply wasn't available when I was writing. That doesn't make it easier when I give you info that affects your team negatively and I take that to heart. It just makes motivates me to work harder, build more contacts, and make sure, where possible, that I get better. I know I'll never be perfect or even Chris Mortensen, but I'm trying. It does put some of the onus on you. It's your fantasy team. Use the information we provide and make your best, most informed decision. You won't always be right either, but you'll be right more often than not.

Let's get to it:

• Like everyone else, the back and forth of Clinton Portis and Joe Gibbs made me think that Week 2 would be like Week 1 and that Portis would play. Cue Lee Corso -- not so fast! Portis actually injured the shoulder during his Week 1 game, as was masterfully reported by Andrea Kremer, which created a degree of uncertainty for Portis' return. When Portis originally injured his shoulder, the subluxation didn't worry me due to his strong upper body and lack of additional damage in the shoulder capsule. Top ortho Jim Andrews saw much the same. When Portis injured his rotator cuff, the group of muscles that holds the shoulder in place, the risk went up significantly. Depending on the severity of the cuff tear, the integrity of the shoulder might be compromised, meaning he's going to be dealing with this over and over until he's pushed to the surgeon's table. Indications are that the tear is minor, but let's be honest -- no one seems to be getting clear signals from the Redskins right now. Portis' value has to be downgraded on the uptick in risk.