Engel's Mailbag: Trade and Lineup Advice

Mark, Louisville, Ky.: Should I dump Drew Brees for Marc Bulger for my third quarterback spot? Also, I have three good running backs (Ronnie Brown, Willis McGahee and Adrian Peterson of Minnesota) and decent backups (Brian Leonard, Selvin Young). Another team in my league has Tony Romo and Tom Brady, while I have Ben Roethlisberger and David Garrard. He also has LaDainian Tomlinson, Vernand Morency, Jerricho Cotchery, and T.J. Houshmandzadeh in his lineup. His best backup running back is DeAngelo Williams and best backup wide receiver is Drew Carter. I was thinking something like Roethlisberger and McGahee for Romo and Jeremy Shockey, his backup tight end, my starter is Chris Cooley.

Engel: While there is no exact timetable for Bulger's return from rib problems, Brees has already proved he is a major bust and Bulger should perform better when he returns. I don't see any legitimate reasons why the play of Brees is going to get much better, while the Rams have made adjustments to their protection schemes to block better for the passing game recently. So I would cut Brees to get Bulger. As for the trade, you don't need Shockey if you have Cooley, and to get a top-level quarterback, you will likely have to give up more than Roethlisberger and McGahee. The other owner likely knows he can get a top-level running back or wide receiver for either Romo or Brady, and expect him to demand one. You can keep winning games by rotating Roethlisberger and Garrard, but if you truly want the upgrade, be prepared to make a bigger sacrifice. The other owner could demand Peterson and another player at the least, but don't be surprised when he asks for Brown for Romo. It could take two of your prominent players or just one of your very best to get Romo right now, who will be easier to pry away than Brady. I think you should keep who you have, as you can win a championship with a non-elite quarterback and you shouldn't move Brown. Keep McGahee and Peterson to rotate at the second running back spot based on matchups.

Mike, Pomona, N.Y.: I have Tony Romo and Vince Young as my quarterbacks. Should I gamble on Romo this weekend or drop Young and pick up Warner and use him over Romo? If I go after Warner how much should I bid with a $200.00 limit?