Week 7: Engel's Mailbag

Josh, New York, N.Y.: This bye week is killing me. I have a great crew of wide receivers: Torry Holt, Andre Johnson, Muhsin Muhammad, and Joe Horn In most weeks I am sitting a pretty good receiver. This week, three of them have byes. Now I am scrambling to get replacement receivers. I have picked up Michael Clayton, and Wes Welker, and made a trade for Donald Driver. So who do I play? Andre Johnson and who? Also, for QBs, I have Byron Leftwich, Jake Plummer and Jon Kitna. ... This week I am going with Leftwich (since it is against Houston) ... but would you go with Leftwich for the rest of the year?

Engel: Next to Johnson, you should certainly play Driver, who can post at least decent numbers as the Packers should throw often at Miami. With depth problems at WR, the Packers will lean heavily on Driver and rookie Greg Jennings this week, especially if Miami shuts down the Green Bay running game. Clayton had a good game last week, but he has rarely been productive over the last two seasons. Welker should continue to get a lot of looks and catches, especially against a very vulnerable Green Bay secondary. So start Johnson, Driver and Welker. As for your QB situation, consider cutting Plummer, who has been a statistical disappointment this season. Leftwich should be solid in most weeks, and he will likely be more dependable than the erratic Kitna. Use Leftwich in most cases, but keep Kitna in case he clearly has a better matchup in a given week. Leftwich has dealt with injury problems in the past, so you also need to hold onto Kitna as insurance.