Engel's Mailbag: Trade and Lineup Advice

Alec (Orlando): I have a good problem: I own both Tony Romo and Derek Anderson. I have Brian Westbrook and Willis McGahee at running back, Reggie Wayne and Jerricho Cotchery at wide receiver, Jason Witten at tight end and Greg Jennings as my flex. Selvin Young is on my bench too, as is the injured Javon Walker. I know I should make a trade, but can't decide which quarterback to deal and how much I should expect back. I know I could use a better wide receiver.

Engel: Romo has more name value on the trade market, as some people don't believe in Anderson and think he will fall apart at any given moment. I think Anderson has firmly established himself as a top-quality starter at this point and you can get more for Romo. Target a team in your league that obviously needs quarterback help and has a high-quality receiver you desire. You can offer a package of Romo and Cotchery for a top-10 wide receiver and a respectable backup quarterback in return. You could also offer Jennings if he will bring you a better player in return, and use Cotchery as your flex. Hold onto Young and he could eventually serve as a flex option if and when he gets to start. Using a running back at flex who plays regularly usually mean more touches and odds of better fantasy production. If you have the room to stash Walker, go ahead, as it's conceivable he could still return to help you during your playoff push.