Week 16: Engel's Mailbag

Jason, Indianapolis: I can keep up to two players. I have Larry Johnson, who is a surefire keeper, then I could also keep Willis McGahee or Maurice Jones-Drew. I know Jones-Drew is sharing carries but his weekly average for points is pretty high, and Fred Taylor isn't getting any younger. I also have young possible stars like Jerious Norwood and DeAngelo Williams.

Engel: McGahee does get the more regular touches than Jones-Drew, but amount of touches doesn't matter when Jones-Drew seems to accomplish more with a lesser workload. It doesn't matter that Jones-Drew doesn't get the amount of carries a regularly featured runner does, and he probably never will. Even if Taylor is about to decline more at age 30, Jones is a 5-7 running back who likely can't handle being a full-time RB. But he's going to continue to flourish as a part-timer, because he will get a lot of goal-line work and he can also score from longer distances. Sharing carries keeps Jones-Drew fresh, and he is more proven than Norwood or Williams and he is more of a scoring and big-play threat than McGahee. Jones-Drew might never be a featured runner by himself, but he's already a proven success as a part-timer and can statistically outperform guys who get more carries than he does. Jones-Drew should be your second keeper choice.