Week 17: Engel's Mailbag

Paul, Detroit: I am in my championship game and I have a QB decision to make. My choices are Eli Manning, Ben Roethlisberger, Jeff Garcia and Vince Young.

Engel: Manning is certainly not the guy you want to be using the way he has been playing recently, and he might not perform well again in a game the Giants must win this week. Garcia is steady, but not your best option. You have to like Roethlisberger's matchup against the Bengals, and I would take him over Manning or Garcia. But regardless of matchups, you have to stick with Young. He has been a terrific dual threat recently and should continue to play well in the season finale, even against the Patriots. Young has been too dependable from a fantasy perspective to bench him.

Jonathan, Portland: I've made it to the championship game this week and am worried that some players might not be playing the full game. First, I need two QBs from Michael Vick, Vince Young and Ben Roethlisberger, who has a great matchup, but the Steelers are eliminated already. Next, Vernon Davis or Todd Heap? And finally, my three RBs, Rudi Johnson, Steven Jackson and Frank Gore got me this far, but I wonder if DeAngelo Williams might be a better play than Gore with the 49ers out of contention and the Panthers needing to give their first rounder more experience.