Engel's Mailbag: Keeper questions

Brian Maro, Kansas City: In my league, we're able to retain up to five keepers. My choices are: Donovan McNabb, Terrell Owens, Reggie Wayne, Chad Johnson, LaDainian Tomlinson, Ronnie Brown, Clinton Portis, and Maurice Jones-Drew. Anyone can keep up to five players with every player you keep being considered your top draft picks for next season. If you keep three players, you lose your first three picks, and so on.

Engel: First, you want to nail down an outstanding pair of running backs to anchor your squad. Tomlinson is the obvious No. 1 choice, but it's not an easy decision who to pair with him. Ultimately, I would go with Brown, who has no health issues like Portis does, and should get more regular touches than Jones-Drew. I believe Brown will only continue to get better and should score more often next year. He should also continue to emerge as more of a receiving threat for Miami. Next, you should keep a pair of top receivers. Chad Johnson is a lock to be your No. 1 guy, and I'll take Wayne over Owens, as the Indy wideout is never a risk for his personality issues like Owens can be. So your first four keepers should be Tomlinson, Brown, Chad Johnson and Wayne. As for your fifth, that all depends on your league's roster requirements. If you use a flex, Jones-Drew is the easy fifth keeper because of his outstanding TD production. If you start three WRs and only two RBs, Owens should be your choice. And if you can only start two RBs and two WRs, McNabb fills out your starting lineup and it's more important to keep a starter than a possible reserve.