Engel's Mailbag: Keeper questions

Todd, Granbury, Texas: I'm in a 14-team keeper league and I can retain three players. In what order would you keep Shaun Alexander, Kevin Jones, Laurence Maroney, Javon Walker and Tony Romo.

Engel: Alexander is easily a lock as your first keeper, especially in such a large league. I believe he will return to elite status next year and will regain his rightful spot among the very best players in fantasy football. Second, you should keep Maroney because of his apparent upside, and he can become a fine No. 2 RB for you in the next two years or so. I would not keep a third RB who is a question mark like Jones when it's clear Walker can be your No. 1 WR for next year and beyond. Romo should be steady, but I wouldn't retain him over a top RB or WR. My recommended order is Alexander, Maroney, Walker, Jones and Romo.