Engel's Mailbag: Keeper questions

Gerry, Levittown, Pa.: I'm in a two-keeper league and my top players are Reggie Bush, Laurence Maroney and Joseph Addai. I also have the first pick in this year's draft. Which two should I keep and who should I consider redrafting to have a killer trio of running backs? We get one point per reception in this league.

Engel: In a league that awards points for receptions, Bush should be your first choice. He is unmatched as a pass-catcher at his position and is on the verge of a major statistical surge in 2007 after continually improving during his rookie season. Bush can take off for a big gain or a score any time he gets the ball in space, and he's already a No. 1 fantasy running back in points-per-reception leagues. Your second choice should be Addai, who is more versatile than Maroney and plays in one of the league's best offenses. Addai and Maroney will both become top fantasy running backs, but Addai has better receiving skills and is further along at the pro level so far than Maroney. Addai appears fully ready to become the Colts' featured runner, while Maroney is less of a sure thing in the short term. As for your using your No. 1 draft pick on a running back, Maroney will not be your only option, and with two running backs already on your roster, you shouldn't pass on an elite wide receiver if he is on the board. Take the best player available, either a top wide receiver or a running back who is both proven and has promise for the future.