Engel's Mailbag: Offseason questions

Jason, Indianapolis: I can keep two players. Larry Johnson is a sure thing, but who should I choose between Maurice Jones-Drew and Willis McGahee? Which would be a better complement to Johsnon?

Engel: Jones-Drew has quickly established himself as a touchdown force who makes the most of every carry, posting excellent fantasy numbers even though he doesn't get most of the touches at running back for Jacksonville. While he could be a safer pick right now, I have to go with McGahee over the longer term. The move to Baltimore will help him produce his best numbers ever, as he becomes a focal point of the Baltimore offense. McGahee might score a few less times than Jones-Drew, but he will ultimately give you the best combination of yardage and touchdowns. As a featured running back with a lot of upside in a great new situation, he gets the nod over Jones-Drew. Ultimately, I believe you will enjoy more statistical consistency from McGahee because of his heavier workload.

Nick Johnson, Nashville: I am in a league where we can keep three players every year. The only stipulation is that the three guys have to be from at least two different positions. I have Larry Johnson and Frank Gore as my running backs, with Donovan McNabb, Matt Hasselbeck, and Jay Cutler as quarterback choices. I am going to keep Johnson and Gore, so my question is do I keep McNabb or Hasselbeck and try to win the league this year, or keep Cutler and have him for the next decade?