Engel's Mailbag: Offseason questions

Evan Shapiro, Toronto: I need to keep three between Peyton Manning, Reggie Wayne, Larry Fitzgerald and Cedric Benson. I am definitely keeping Manning and Benson.

Engel: Wayne and Fitzgerald are very close in terms of value, with Wayne slightly more proven in terms of overall production. Fitzgerald could have a small edge in terms of overall future upside; as I have mentioned often in the past, he has been compared to Cris Carter for his potential as an all-around receiver and touchdown maker. You really can't go wrong with either guy as a keeper, so the decision comes down to whether you should cash in on the Manning/Wayne connections as often as possible or spread your possible production out more. I prefer taking the player who is not on the same team as the quarterback, because Manning is still going to throw to Marvin Harrison a lot, and when Harrison finally hangs it up, there are no guarantees Wayne will flourish as a possible No. 1 wide receiver. By keeping Fitzgerald, you will rely less on one team and won't have to deal with as many boom-or-possible-bust outings from your quarterback/top receiver combination. As prolific as the Manning/Wayne duo can be, you'll often be out of luck when Manning prefers Harrison in a given week. Fitzgerald can easily have a big game at any time when Wayne doesn't, and Manning will still have fine games when Fitzgerald doesn't produce as hoped. By keeping Fitzgerald, you essentially end up with more fantasy balance. It's never an ideal strategy to lean too much on one team, so in a close decision, I would keep Fitzgerald.

Tim, Tucson, AZ: Who's the better keeper at quarterback between Matt Hasselbeck and Jay Cutler?