Engel's Mailbag: Draft analysis, keeper advice

Matt, Philadelphia: Everyone seems to be very high on Travis Henry going into next season. In early mocks and preseason rankings he is consistently being taken and ranked in the top 15. Have we not learned our lesson with Denver running backs? Or is something different here? What kind of keeper value are we talking? If he is available in a dynasty draft that includes rookies and available free agents, should he be taken over first-round rookies like Marshawn Lynch, Robert Meachem, Dwayne Bowe, Brandon Jackson, or even Adrian Peterson?

Engel: I think the Broncos themselves have learned a lesson about their running game, which was that Tatum Bell was not the answer and the team needed a more dependable, trustworthy option at the position. Using Bell, who was not an effective inside runner and had some fumbling issues, along with Mike Bell, who had fumbling problems of his own, was not the ideal scenario for the Broncos. Instead of using two running backs to man the position, neither of which proved to be fully reliable, the Broncos sought out a player who can carry the load mostly by himself. Henry is much more of an effective inside runner than Tatum Bell, is more proven than Mike Bell, and Henry's own fumbling problems are a thing of the past. Durability will not be an issue for him like it has been for some other past Denver running backs. Henry has at least two to three more good years left after reviving his career in Tennessee, and he is easily a top-15 keeper overall. In dynasty leagues, I think Lynch and Peterson have more long-term upside and are preferred choices, but I would draft him over Jackson, who must prove he can handle a heavy workload at some point in his career, and any of the wide receivers you mentioned. I'd rather keep a top running back who helps me win in the shorter term than a receiver who will take a few years to develop.

Tim, Tuscon, Ariz.: We start three wide receivers and I currently have Terrell Owens, Donte' Stallworth, Deion Branch, and Greg Jennings. I am definitely keeping Owens, but am not sure about the other three. Are any of them worth keeping over a quarterback like Jay Cutler, or a running back like Clinton Portis? Portis would be my backup running back if I kept him.