Engel's mailbag: Draft analysis, keeper advice

Kevin, Seattle: In response to your recent comments on Shaun Alexander, even if his foot wasn't healed, last year he did run for 709 yards after he returned, so he was able to perform on that foot. I am not a doctor, but if Alexander's foot was still cracked after the Bears playoff game, then he has had five months to heal. That is longer than a regular season and he won't play in a game for another two months. I disagree with your assessments on Alexander, but if you can get others to believe, that will only help people steal Alexander as the 10th pick in some fantasy drafts. Just do me a favor as a Seahawks fan and give Alexander props when he comes back to his MVP form.

Engel: You do make some valid points, and realizing that Alexander did run pretty well overall when he returned, plus more than 100 yards with two scores against Chicago in the playoffs, I didn't drop him too far. He went from fourth to ninth in my running back rankings. Yes, he has had ample time to heal from an outside perspective, and he has looked sharp in early workouts. Yet we still don't know for sure if the foot is still cracked or not, and once he returns to full-throttle action, he still could be a risk if he's not fully healthy. Alexander had some good games when he returned last year, he wasn't quite as dominant as he was in the past, and sometimes ran more tentatively than he did in previous years. Alexander used his outstanding vision and quickness to his advantage late in 2006, but he didn't always quite run with the same usual authority, and even if he plays all year in 2007, I wonder if the foot issue will rob him of some confidence and willingness to go all out on every carry. I want a player with absolutely no question marks with an early first-round pick. The concern about Alexander is not major, but it's still there. Oh, and by the way, I've been a Seahawks fan since 1983. That's not going add any extra optimism to my Alexander outlook, and even if he stays healthy, he is not going to approach his 2005 numbers again, especially behind an offensive line that isn't nearly as good as it was two years ago.

Eddy, Minneapolis: I have to decide who to keep in a dynasty league. My two options are Kevin Jones and Jerious Norwood. I'm leaning towards Jones because it's not certain that Norwood fits his new offense.