Engel's Mailbag: Where does Galloway fit in?

Nick, Bradenton, Fla: Would you suggest sitting a top wide receiver such as Lee Evans or Larry Fitzgerald in favor of Joey Galloway for just this week? Last week I started both Evans and Fitzgerald along with Marvin Harrison and as a result I took a hit from Evans and Fitzgerald. Obviously, Jeff Garcia and company are not the Colts,but I think while playing from behind, the Tampa Bay passing game might put up some decent numbers. Am I crazy for wanting to wait and see Evans and Fitzgerald get on track before using both of them again?

Engel: First, the good news. Galloway is indeed an underrated receiver, and he's going to get his numbers by more than just playing from behind. He's Garcia's top weapon, and still has a good downfield gear. Galloway caught a 49-yard pass in the first half against the Seahawks last week, before Seattle took their lead. Galloway still gets open often, and Garcia simply has to hit him in stride and Galloway can often do the rest. He also makes key possession grabs, something he shied away from earlier in his career. Galloway has played with some bad quarterbacks in his career and posted good numbers, and Garcia is an improvement from many of the passers he has worked with in the past.

Now for the bad news. Galloway will not produce the overall numbers of an Evans or Fitzgerald over a full campaign. One week is too quick to pull either of the latter out of your lineup. Evans was locked up by the best secondary in the NFL last week (Denver) and will rebound for sure this week against Pittsburgh, who has much less talent at cornerback. Fitzgerald will certainly present matchup problems for the Seahawks, especially if he gets matched up against young cornerback Kelly Jennings. As much as I like Galloway, Evans and Fitzgerald are younger and have more upside, and it's way too early to bench either one.