Week 11: Fantasy Matchups

Every week, we preview all of the upcoming games from a fantasy perspective. To help you with lineup decisions, we give you matchups to exploit, some key starting choices and advice on whom to leave on your bench.

Atlanta at Baltimore: The Falcons' passing game has been sputtering recently, and you shouldn't expect any improvements this week. Baltimore's secondary can be challenged, but the Falcons don't have the receivers to do it and Michael Vick will have trouble finding open targets quite often. Vick might take off for some good rushing totals, but he'll again deliver mediocre numbers as a passer. Warrick Dunn also will be limited in his production as the Ravens will try to take away the ground game and won't be afraid to let Vick throw. The Falcons don't have much of a pass-rush without injured DE John Abraham, so Steve McNair will have much time to throw and should deliver more than one TD pass. Jamal Lewis will be limited in yardage, but a good passing game will put him in position to score from short range.
Start and Smile: Steve McNair
Watch and Worry: Michael Vick, Warrick Dunn

Buffalo at Houston: The Bills will allow J.P. Losman to take off and run more if he wants to, and he'll have to do that a few times as he continues to have trouble locating receivers other than Lee Evans. You can be sure that the Bills will lean heavily on their running game in an effort to slow the pass-rush, and Anthony Thomas should be good for at least one score. David Carr will play despite a shoulder problem, but you can expect the Texans to scale back their passing game as they try not to overwork him. Even though the matchup seems friendly, Wali Lundy doesn't appear to be a good starting option, as Samkon Gado became the preferred RB for Houston in the second half last week, and could continue to emerge over Lundy this week. Wait to see how the RB situation plays out for the Texans.
Start and Smile: Anthony Thomas
Watch and Worry: David Carr, Wali Lundy