Five breakout players for 2012

One of the best draft-day moments a fantasy football owner can experience is picking a player who ends up having a breakout year. Anyone can end up with the No. 1 pick in the draft and watch Aaron Rodgers rack up a ton of fantasy points for their team, but picking someone who ends up having an unexpectedly good season is much more difficult and, therefore, passes along a unique level of bragging rights.

So which players will give fantasy owners the best chance to get those bragging rights? Here are five candidates who could fit the bill.

Trent Richardson, Cleveland Browns: Jim Brown may not be sold on Richardson and many fantasy football draftniks are equally concerned, but the metrics weigh heavily in his favor. Most notable of these is the 9.7 good blocking yards per attempt (GBYPA) mark he posted against the five best rush defenses the Alabama Crimson Tide faced last season.