Sneaky picks: Keeper version

Fantasy football keeper/dynasty leagues can be a blast, and I do enjoy them, but let's be clear up front: I'm still the guy that selects 30-somethings like Drew Brees and Roddy White pretty much where they would go in re-draft leagues. Sure, Brees and White aren't as young as Matthew Stafford and Mike Wallace, but I wouldn't call them on the verge of retirement, either. Don't hate on the old fellows! Too often I see veteran players discounted in long-term leagues and I laugh. You do plan on trying to win now, right? It's possible Andrew Luck and Trent Richardson are first-rounders in a few seasons, but there's a compromise so your team is always a potential contender.

As a result, you won't find many differences between my standard top-200 rankings and my keeper ones. In a startup dynasty league, I am more likely to take a few chances on running backs and wide receivers later on than at quarterback. I feel like Tom Brady, Brees and Eli Manning aren't close to done, and you need just one option each season, as opposed to at least three or four at running back/wide receiver. Also, we tend to see considerably more turnover, even among high-end players, when it comes to running backs, so pile on the bench options and see if the next Arian Foster emerges. Running backs get hurt. They get hurt a lot.