FFL: O-Lines Analyzed

The NFL lags a little behind some other leagues in the rush to quantify every detail of its sport. Thus, MLB pocket-protector types are currently developing complex algorithms that determine the relationship between a cleanup hitter's crotch scratches and his OPS while offensive linemen toil in statistical anonymity.

Incidentally, our ESPN buddy K.C. Joyner has made interesting advancements in this department. But messing even slightly with the inner workings of a team's offensive line, probably more than any area on either side of the ball, can throw the entire works off-kilter in a way that no slide rule could reasonably predict. (Seriously, we've tried. No dice.)

With that in mind, I consulted the crystal ball, read the tarot cards and tore myself away from The View long enough to watch a little tape. What I found: the offseason O-line moves that matter most -- and least -- to fantasy owners. (Don't worry, it'll make sense in a minute … I think.)