Week 3: Breaking down the Cowboys

When Dallas signed WR Terrell Owens in the offseason, it was bound to be the biggest NFL story since … well, since the last T.O. epic. But at the time, I believed the more important news for the Cowboys was their offensive line -- or more accurately, what they didn't do to beef up QB Drew Bledsoe's protection.

Now, I hate to have to say I told you so, but … alright, who am I kidding? I love saying I told you so. Live for it, actually. I might have to wait a couple of weeks to utter the phrase, but patience is one of my rare virtues. I can wait.

The Cowboys are only a TD against an excellent Jacksonville team short from being a 2-0 team, you say? Bledsoe was sacked only twice in the first two games, you contend? Hogwash, I retort. (OK, so I don't say things like "hogwash" and never retort anything -- but you get the gist.)