Week 4: Cardinals O-Line needs to improve

Kurt Warner, a deeply devout man, might tell us that God never saddles us with more adversity than we can handle. I say it's simpler than that: Arizona's quarterback doesn't deserve all the crap he's putting up with.

The Cardinals should be commended for drafting and signing plenty of sensational skill talent, particularly in their attempt to energize the run game, draw fans and rebuild the psyche of the franchise by luring RB Edgerrin James to the desert. But if they were prepared to hitch their wagon to a 35-year old pocket passer who makes Michaelangelo's "David" look like QB Michael Vick, the Cards should have at least thrown some money at a decent blind-side bodyguard for Warner.

Instead, the team was ready to hang him out to dry by the end of Week 3. In a sense, it already has. James is speaking in the tones of a disgruntled employee. A 3.4-yard rushing average can do that to a guy who has rattled off runs at a career 4.2-yard clip. But he puzzlingly has aimed the brunt of his criticism not at the coaching staff or the O-line, but at Warner. Coach Dennis Green reportedly was ready to turn the offense over to rookie QB Matt Leinart after Warner's four-turnover debacle against St. Louis, but he backtracked before the start of practice this week. Not that it matters. The damage is done.