FFL: Week 15 Playmakers

Each Monday on ESPN's "NFL Countdown" show, the crew discusses top playmakers for the week. So why not do the same in fantasy?

Tiki Barber, Giants: While Larry Johnson of the Chiefs is getting the attention as the best player in fantasy, Barber remains underrated. Johnson was No. 2 in Week 15, with 167 yards and two scores, but guess who was first? Yep, Barber ran wild for a career high 220 yards and scored two touchdowns, a 38-point fantasy effort which lands Barber on the top-10 list for biggest fantasy games of the season. Barber continues to carry fantasy owners and has moved up to the No. 3 spot for the season among running backs, with 251 performance points. Even in tough matchups, like this week against the Redskins, Barber is consistent.

Chris Cooley, Redskins: OK, so here's a performance nobody was expecting. For one, the Cowboys had played good defense much of the season. Second, Mark Brunell had managed to throw a mere two touchdown passes in his last four games and wasn't exactly a fantasy favorite. Finally, Cooley had scored three touchdowns the entire season, and the last time he played Dallas he had two catches. So naturally, it makes sense that Cooley would catch three touchdown passes from Brunell as the Redskins rout the Cowboys, right? Cooley had 25 performance points, third overall for the week and the best game for a tight end since Week 8 when Antonio Gates had 32 performance points. Will Cooley ever do this again? It's unlikely. He's ranked fifth for the season in fantasy at the position, so you could do worse these last two weeks.