FFL: Week 5 Playmakers

Each week on Monday's ESPN's "NFL Countdown" show, Michael Irvin talks about his top Playmakers for the week. So why not do the same in fantasy? Here we go.

Tom Brady, Patriots: It's amazing, we're still defending this guy as a decent fantasy football player when plenty of people still regard him as overrated. Were his 28 touchdown passes in two of the last three seasons a mirage? Not really. Brady should have shaken this fantasy image years ago, and his Week 5 performance certainly didn't hurt, as he ended up the top player in fantasy for the week after throwing for 350 yards and three touchdowns at Atlanta. Brady is the No. 6 quarterback in fantasy so far, and there's no reason to believe he'll get worse. The fact the Patriots defense is suffering will only force Brady to throw more. Corey Dillon is fine, and that opens things up as well. Brady is well on his way to another solid fantasy season, so get on board.