FFL: Week 6 Playmakers

Each Monday on ESPN's "NFL Countdown" show, Michael Irvin talks about his top playmakers for the week. So why not do the same in fantasy? Here we go.

Edgerrin James, Colts: In this new era of the Colts concentrating on ball control and not throwing for 400 yards per game, the only Indy player to see his stats rise has been James. Be angry if you own Peyton Manning or Reggie Wayne, but James is having his best season in years. He's fortunate that the Colts changed their game plan this year, as it is a free agent year for the running back. On Monday night, James ran for three touchdowns, matching his season total for the first five games, and totaled 143 yards on the ground. He's the No. 3 player overall in fantasy, behind obvious choices LaDainian Tomlinson and Shaun Alexander, and should remain a top option. Will he score three times again? Two of Indy's next three games are against the woeful Texans. It could happen. By the way, the top two players of the week were Alexander and Tomlinson, but we write about them so much in the Playmakers column, let's focus on others.