FFL: Week 9 Playmakers

Each Monday on ESPN's "NFL Countdown" show, Michael Irvin talks about his top playmakers for the week. So why not do the same in fantasy? Here we go.

Larry Johnson, Chiefs: We've been telling you all season that if Priest Holmes were to ever miss a game, this is the guy you'd want in your lineup. Doesn't matter the opponent. Or the weather. Or if Trent Green is playing well. Johnson was the top player in fantasy football in December of last season, the month when fantasy playoff games are played. And he just might do it again. He's that talented, a potential top-five fantasy RB. Priest missed the Week 9 game and Johnson got all the carries, and he ended up the No. 3 player of the week, behind weekly fantasy stalwarts LaDainian Tomlinson and Shaun Alexander. Johnson was having an OK day until the final minute, when it got a lot better. He broke off a 36-yard screen pass to get the Chiefs to the 1-yard line with five seconds left. Then, amazingly, coach Dick Vermeil opted not for the field goal and a tie, but to go for the win, and Johnson dove in for the winning touchdown on the final play. Add it up and it's 107 yards rushing and two touchdowns, plus 48 receiving yards. And he's going to do it again and again and again if Holmes misses more games. Keep an eye on this situation.