Engel: Possible Changes Ahead?

This week, we take a look at some questionable situations at the three major skill positions and tell you what to expect for certain NFL teams in the future and how your fantasy outlook could be affected.


Chicago: What Lovie Smith says publicly about the starting job and what he actually is thinking could be two very different things. Yes, the Bears are 10-2, but they can't play like a dominant team for much longer with Rex Grossman having been exposed as a mediocre, mistake-prone passer. The Bears aren't going to go into the NFL playoffs with a shaky QB situation. Don't be shocked when Brian Griese replaces Grossman as soon as this week. Grossman will start against the Rams, but he might not finish the game. Griese is a solid veteran who could be a respectable emergency option in fantasy leagues for a game or two.