Engel: Updated Week 1 rankings

Every Sunday morning, I will revise my player rankings based on recent news and trends. For the first week, all changes are official as of 9 a.m. ET. Since Colts and Saints players have already been locked into lineups, I did not move them from their original spots unless a player ahead of them was dropped off the board.

MOVING: With injuries to Vernand Morency and Greg Jennings, Brett Favre will have three rookies to depend on: Brandon Jackson and DeShawn Wynn at running back, and James Jones at wide receiver. Favre will have to carry too much of the offense on his own, and that will mean mistakes and a drop to the No. 19 spot. Garrard was dropped to 23 simply because I think he is overrated as a starter and he won't be very crisp after not working enough with the first-team offense in the preseason.