Head Shrink: Time to worry about LJ?

Welcome to our version of fantasy football therapy. Each week, I'll closely examine significant problems and issues that face prominent players and teams. I'll break down these challenges and recommend any alterations you should make to your fantasy strategies in these situations.

ISSUE: Larry Johnson faces the Bears after a disappointing opener.

OUTLOOK: The Chiefs looked like a broken-down offensive unit against the Texans. Before you start thinking that Kansas City failed to muster a touchdown against a "pathetic" team, let's realize that Houston's defense is improving and the defensive front seven got great penetration into the Chiefs' backfield throughout the day. The Kansas City offensive line is due for an even rougher day against the Bears, who held LaDainian Tomlinson to 25 yards on 17 carries. Johnson had nowhere to run against Houston, and the passing game did little to take pressure off him. The Bears will be focused on stopping Johnson, a game plan any ordinary Madden video game player could come up with. Johnson didn't get adequate blocking in the first week, and the Chiefs could very well get blown out this week and will have to abandon an ineffective running game early. Chicago is likely seething after losing to San Diego, and the Chiefs will pay the price.