Head Shrink: Time to bench Bulger, Jones-Drew?

Welcome back to fantasy football therapy. It's good to see you again, and while I know you have some concerns, I'm here to help you work through them. Each week, I'll closely examine significant problems and issues that face your prominent players and plague your teams. I'll tackle these challenges and recommend strategies that can redirect you toward success.

ISSUE: I've lost Deuce McAllister for the season.

OUTLOOK: Many of my clients are having this problem. It's difficult to deal with the loss of a starting running back, which McAllister no doubt was. But stressing over it isn't going to solve the problem. Obviously, the first thing you can do is plug in someone from your bench or a free-agent acquisition. If you can use Derrick Ward, Sammy Morris or Brian Leonard, consider yourself fortunate. Most fantasy players don't have the luxury of replacing McAllister with another top-level player, and that should not be your goal. The solution here is not to turn around and trade a superstar to get a Travis Henry or Shaun Alexander, especially in leagues larger than 10 teams. I'm not saying you shouldn't make a trade to get one of those guys or any elite back, but as long as your replacement is adequate, you don't need a superstar to replace McAllister. If you can get one, fine, but don't be afraid to settle for a decent option like Marshawn Lynch or Cedric Benson.