Head Shrink: Pats backs, trade help

Welcome to this week's session of fantasy football therapy. Let's talk about the problems that are troubling you, and we'll come up with some methods of dealing with them. We can work through these issues. Each week, I'll closely examine the significant challenges facing your prominent players and threatening the stability of your fantasy teams. I'll help you tackle these concerns and redirect you toward success and peace of mind.

ISSUE: I don't know who to drop to make room for a free agent.

OUTLOOK: We have only so many bench spots we can use, and with injuries piling up and bye weeks crunching our lineups, we simply can't afford to stash away certain guys anymore. This is especially true when we want to pick up an enticing free agent or need to pick up a player to plug in for the upcoming week. You wonder if you should hold onto guys like Jason Wright and Kenny Watson because they could get more significant playing time soon. Should you really cut Sammy Morris when he might be able to return late in the season? You don't want to make a move you will end up regretting later.