Is Jalen Hurts the next Lamar Jackson in fantasy football?

Do deeper leagues change the QB approach? (1:42)

Eric Karabell explains the importance of a reliable quarterback in 12-team, 14-team or 2-QB setups, and then going for upside with your QB2. (1:42)

Asking any football analyst which player might become the next Lamar Jackson is a bit silly, because nobody had ever statistically achieved what the Baltimore Ravens quarterback did in 2019. Sure, we knew the talented Jackson could make magic with his legs, and some believed he could throw well enough to test defenses -- but to have expected more than 1,200 rushing yards and 3,100 passing yards plus 36 touchdown passes? That would have been a tad preposterous. Nobody thinks he will duplicate these numbers in 2020, so how could anyone else do it?

Well, for folly purposes of predicting the next Jackson, I blurted out during our recent ESPN Fantasy Football Summit (which was virtual this season) that if anyone currently in the NFL seemed capable of reaching such statistical greatness with his arm and legs, it would be Philadelphia Eagles draft pick Jalen Hurts. I don't think the reaction was a positive one, much as when someone at a party says something wild and everyone else looks at that person, rolls their eyes and wonders if they have enough oxygen.