Fantasy football Week 11 picks, sleepers, busts and rankings: Matthew Berry loves and hates these QBs, RBs, WRs, TEs

It's higher on the list than you'd think.

The list, of course, of the most soul-crushing things about fantasy football.

Oh, make no mistake: We love fantasy football. We crave its highs, we obsess over it, can't live without it.

But there is no pleasure without pain, no high without lows, no last-round draft pick turned into superstar running back without the first-round pick going bust.

Our star player leaving a game early due to injury, deciding to bench a player only to see him go off while on your bench, going to bed thinking you won your game only to wake up to a loss on a stat correction.

Annoying and frustrating, to be sure.

But, and maybe it's me, there's nothing quite as soul-crushing as the self-inflicted wound. You had a good player. By draft, by the waiver wire, by trade, by impressive research or just dumb luck, somehow, some way, you wound up with a gem. A fantasy rock star, someone who could lead you to the promised land.