Fantasy football: 15 players who could be this season's breakout stars

Justin Herbert shined as a rookie, but how good can he be in his second NFL season? Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images

It's one of the questions I get asked most often during the offseason.

"Who is this year's ______?"

It's not a simple question to answer because no two scenarios are exactly alike. But there are obviously comparable players in similar situations. And, if the people want comparisons, comparisons they shall have.

The process here was simple: I jotted down each of 2020's top breakout players and came up with a short list of players who fit a similar pedigree as they enter 2021. Below is analysis of each player who best fits the bill, as well as the other players who landed on the short list.

Note that this is not my way of predicting that these players will definitely break out this season. Again, it's simply the players positioned to do as a product of landing in a similar situation to those players who exploded onto the fantasy scene last season.