Top 30 QBs for dynasty leagues

Aaron Rodgers threw for 2,536 yards and 17 touchdowns in limited action the past season. Evan Habeeb/USA TODAY Sports

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Back in June, ESPN Insider Matt Williamson provided his positional and Top 100 overall rankings of the best players for dynasty leagues for ESPN.com's fantasy football draft kit. His updated rankings, as of August 19, appear below. Note: The player write-ups remain the same except in cases where news or other developments have changed his opinion on a player. For more info on how dynasty leagues work and the strategy for selecting players in them, click here.

When it comes to choosing quarterbacks for my dynasty leagues, I tend to go with proven commodities. I'm not as concerned with age as I am at other positions because it's important that each year I have a QB I trust can get me fantasy points, even if his long-term outlook isn't as bright as a higher risk, younger QB. Additionally, I don't love taking rookie quarterbacks because of how often they become total busts. Often I'm more concerned with having a solid fantasy points-getter and freeing myself up to use assets on outstanding running back, wide receiver and tight end groups.

So as I run through my top 30 rankings for dynasty-league QBs, you might see some of that philosophy factoring in, but that doesn't mean I'm ignoring age or upside altogether (just check out No. 2 on this list). It's a balancing act, and to be sure, there are some tempting young, high-upside options to take a flier on in the back half of these rankings.

Here are the top 30 fantasy quarterbacks for dynasty leagues, with in-depth write-ups on the top 15.

1. Aaron Rodgers, Green Bay Packers

What's not to like about Rodgers? He's in the prime of an outstanding career. Personally, I believe he's the best football player in the league. And while the Packers run a little more these days than they used to -- handing off to Eddie Lacy at an increasing pace -- they drafted three wide receivers in May, so their commitment to the passing game -- and their passing game itself -- should remain strong. Armed with a ton of weapons, the Packers will likely continue to run plenty of three-wide receiver sets. Add in Rodgers' ability to run and the potential for a handful of rushing touchdowns, and there are very few weaknesses in his fantasy game. He is a superstar and an all-time great who should remain a monster fantasy producer for years to come.