Top 70 RBs for dynasty leagues

Drew Hallowell/Philadelphia Eagles/Getty Images

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Back in June, ESPN Insider Matt Williamson provided his positional and Top 100 overall rankings of the best players for dynasty leagues for ESPN.com's fantasy football draft kit. His updated rankings, as of August 19, appear below. Note: The player write-ups remain the same except in cases where news or other developments have changed his opinion on a player. For more info on how dynasty leagues work and the strategy for selecting players in them, click here.

Running back is a position for which I place a heavy premium on youth for my dynasty rosters. We've seen in players such as Ray Rice a quick and steep decline in performance, so I never want to get caught in a situation where I hang on to a back for too long. You'll see this philosophy reflected in the rankings below.

Here are my rankings of the top 70 running backs for dynasty leagues, with write-ups on the top 40:

1. LeSean McCoy, Philadelphia Eagles

McCoy is the fuel for Chip Kelly's high-octane offense, a perfect fit in a system that emphasizes speed in space. McCoy is one of the league's best in the open field. He's also a fantastic receiver who can handle a significant workload out of the backfield in addition to his normal duties between the tackles. Working in his favor: The Eagles' offensive line is among the best in the league. Darren Sproles, who at this point of his career is far more of a receiver than a runner, could take a small bite out of McCoy's targets. However, in an offense that runs a tremendous amount of plays, there should be more than enough looks to go around.

2. Eddie Lacy, Green Bay Packers

Lacy is in a great situation in Green Bay. He is an obvious talent capable of being a true workhorse back and one of the last in a dying breed of NFL runner. The Packers' offense will no doubt move the football, which means Lacy will continue to see unloaded boxes on his way to the end zone. Whoever has Lacy in your league is probably well aware of his potential, but there's always a chance they might not fully understand what they have yet. So throw them an offer, and see what happens: Lacy could anchor your dynasty squad for years to come.