Five fantasy players on the decline

How productive will Darren Sproles be in Chip Kelly's offense? Bill Streicher/USA TODAY Sports

There are many things one has to consider during a fantasy draft, but getting value should be high on the list. Players who had big years the previous season might not be as productive the following one for a variety of reasons, including injuries, scheme fit or a new offensive coordinator.

Here are five fantasy players who have been productive in the past, but aren't worth betting on in fantasy this season:


Darren Sproles, RB, Philadelphia Eagles

Many fantasy players seem to be very excited about what Sproles could do in Chip Kelly's offense. And while I applaud the Eagles for adding Sproles, I expect him to be much more valuable in the real NFL than he will be in fantasy.

Sproles is 31 years old and is a player who is dependent on speed and rare quickness. Well, those skills are declining, and even though the Eagles run a high number of plays on offense, Sproles is unlikely to ever be a featured part of that attack.