High-value auction league picks

Armed with better offensive weapons, Drew Brees is poised to post big-time fantasy stats in 2014. Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

One of the many benefits of playing auction league fantasy football is the sheer volume of potential bargain picks available when compared to a standard scoring league. Standard leagues can offer value in terms of getting a few players a round or two later than they should have lasted, but in auction leagues it is possible to get a good value pick on nearly every roster spot on the team.

The key to achieving this is to have a large selection of ace-in-the-hole players who are worth more than their average auction price value indicates.

Here are 20 players who fit that description. They have been divided into four categories: expensive players worth the money (which covers players with a current auction ADP of $25 or more), mid-value bargains (players valued between $10 and $25), bargain players who can pay off big (candidates in the $2-$9 range) and high-upside economy picks (options costing less than $2).

Expensive players worth the money (value of $25 or more)

Drew Brees, QB, New Orleans Saints | ADP: $39

Between the development of Brandin Cooks (a leading candidate for Offensive Rookie of the Year) and Kenny Stills (whose 13.4 yards per attempt total led all wide receivers in that category in 2013), the improved health of Marques Colston and the return of Jimmy Graham, one might expect Brees to be valued higher than third on the ADP auction QB value list. Add in a top rating in my defensive pass coverage schedule rankings and it is clear Brees should be ranked first among fantasy football quarterbacks.