Fantasy Focus Football Podcast board bets scoreboard for 2019

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If you're even a semi-regular listener to the Fantasy Focus Football Podcast, aka the 06010, you are likely aware that Matthew Berry and Field Yates occasionally will disagree on a player's fantasy output, whether it's for the season or a specific week during the NFL season.

With a nod to faithful listener and board bet historian, Nick Scott, who created the original 06010 board site, we've decided to give you a place to check the tally board throughout the season right here on the pages of ESPN.com.

We'll keep it simple and just state the proposition bet, along with which side Matthew and Field took. Once there is a winner, we will add that, and change the "leaderboard" below. Good luck in your leagues this season!

2019 Scoreboard: Matthew 7, Field 5

Other 2019 board bets

It's not just Field and Matthew making bets here. Daniel, Field, Mike and Stephania also challenge each other throughout the season. Below is each person's overall record outside of the Field/Matthew bets, along with specific listings for each head-to-head matchup:

Overall record in "other" board bets

Daniel: 5-1
Mike: 5-3
Stephania: 3-2
Field: 2-7
Matthew: 0-1

Daniel vs. Field/Matthew

Daniel vs. Stephania
(Daniel leads, 1-0)

Stephania vs. Daniel/Matthew

Stephania vs. Field
(Stephania leads, 2-0)

Field vs. Daniel
(Daniel leads, 1-0)

Mike vs. Field/Stephania
(Field/Stephania lead, 1-0)

Mike vs. Field
(Mike leads, 4-1)

Mike vs. Daniel
(Tied, 1-1)

Matthew vs. Daniel
(Daniel, 1-0)

NOTE: PPR scoring is assumed unless otherwise noted

Board Bet History

If you're into the history of board bets on the podcast, dating back (ding!) to when Nate Ravitz was Matthew's co-pilot (through the 2014 season), here are those results by year:

2018: Field 12, Matthew 10
2017: Field 10, Matthew 9
2016: Field 23, Matthew 20
2015: Tie -- Matthew 22, Field 22 (Matthew won cornhole tie-breaker)
2014: Matthew 15, Nate 8
2013: Matthew, 20-13
2012: Nate, 28-26
2011: Nate, 24-14
2010: Nate, 17-12
2009: Matthew, 15-13